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Michelle Mays: Bio


The style of Singer/Songwriter Michelle Mays has been likened to a blend of Lorena McKennitt and Joan Baez. But, Michelle's music has a distinct style that is all her own. Take a Jazzy Blues singer, a smidgen of folk music, throw in an anthropologist, add a bit of an Earth Mother, and refine it with a strong sense of the spiritual and you then have a good base to describe her music. However, when asked where her musical style comes from, she smiles and says, 'Mother Earth'. Incidentally, in an interview on Earth Radio International, Mark Kelly likened her music to.. Channeling the Goddess.

Born into a musical and performing family, music has always been a big part of her life. Since childhood she has performed for audiences of 3000 and small Country Hootenannies... lullabies for her children in the quiet of night and ballads for events in the Goddess Community.  In High School, Michelle sang in Chorus and played the French horn in Band, winning awards in chorus and band competitions. As a teen Michelle was a member of a 4 piece band called 'Rubber Soul' which performed for dances and contests around the Tulsa, Ok. area.  Then much later,  Michelle performed Irish Music at tea/coffee houses around Grove, Ok, in KC, Mo, and for small parties and events and also as a Bard in the SCA.   In the early 90's the Goddess Community began hearing Michelle's music.  From Arizona to New York, Minnesota to Texas and points in between Michelle performed for Goddess/Pagan Gatherings, both large and small.  Michelle has loved each moment. "Life is a musical" is one of Michelle's favorite phrases because, "There is a song for everything and it always brings a smile."

"Some of my earliest memories are of contemplating Deity and the nature of life."  Born into a Christian environment, and a musical family, she naturally blended the two, and as a teenager she joined a youth evangelistic group which traveled to different congregations in Oklahoma.   Michelle was the musical part of this group.   Soon afterward she began an active quest for understanding the Nature of God by studying different religions and spiritual philosophies. Michelle was eventually led back to her Native American roots, learning  sacred Cherokee Spirituality, and then continuing the quest.

Michelle's original music focuses on the nature of Deity, the sacredness and celebration of life and the passages of our lives.  Many people from various backgrounds in life have found a place they call home in Michelle's music. We think it is because while Michelle holds strongly to her own beliefs she taps into the universal consciousness for her music's inspiration.

For many years she focused on being a Silversmith and sold her designs at art shows and to galleries across the USA, winning numerous awards and a small amount of fame for her work, winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd and many honorable mention awards, from numerous organizations including: Silver Dollar City, Five Civilized Tribes Museum, QVC, and the Cherokee Heritage Museum. Through the Cherokee Nation Cherokee Creations Division, samples of her work were on display at the Smithsonian Institute in the early 90's as one of their Contemporary Cherokee artists, and her jewelry also was included in their world tour. 

"I love to create things, and I love being in the Alpha brainwave state of creativity." 

Also, for many years, Michelle created the Cherokee warrior badges (Marshal service of the Cherokee Nation) and other law enforcement badges for the Cherokee Nation.  All of these official badges are made of solid Sterling Silver and show the Seal of the Cherokee Nation.  All are hand signed by Michelle.   The Cherokee Warrior Badges Michelle created were worn by the first Law enforcement agents of the Cherokee Nation recognized by the US Federal Government in over 100 years.  Michelle is very honored, very proud to be, as she says, "an invisible" part of the History of the Cherokee Nation. 

Currently, Michelle can be found at home enjoying family, garden and studio.  After an unfortunate mistake made by a Dr, Michelle has been recuperating, healing.  The music is still there and as soon as possible these songs will be recorded and made available.  Michelle wants to thank everyone for their kindness, their healing energies their goodness toward her as she's been healing.  " They all made a profound difference in my life.  Yes, their magic, their healing energies, prayers and direct action... were felt immediately and profoundly!!!    Sparrow, Mojo, the wonderful listeners of Witchcast, Bill, Aldwin, Rona, Jim, Gina, Michael and many others to numerous to mention, Thank you, Thank you! "

If you'd like to hear Michelle's music, click on the music link.  On the music page you can click on the links to which ever song you'd like to hear.  If you click on the song names you will find lyrics and information about the songs.

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