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What is the biggest influence behind my music and what is a NDE

Posted on November 28, 2010
<p>The reason I&rsquo;m posting this here, on my website, is because I&rsquo;m frequently asked what my biggest influence is when I write or sing my&nbsp;music.&nbsp; FINALLY I can talk about it and it won't frighten anyone!&nbsp; &nbsp;So here it is, the answer: My biggest influence is the information I brought back with me from the Near Death Experience I had in 1991.&nbsp; My song, Where Love Is, ... is a creation that came directly from my NDE.&nbsp; (Near Death Experience)&nbsp; Before clicking on the link to listen to the song "Where Love Is", make sure to turn off the music already playing on my site by scrolling to the top of this page and clicking on the tiny 'stop' button on the small player.. (at the top of this&nbsp;page), otherwise, you'll have two songs playing at once.&nbsp; Ouch!</p>
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<p>Several years ago, I filled out a survey on the web about my Near Death Experience.&nbsp; I didn&rsquo;t realize it would be posted forever on the web, I thought it was just a private quick survey.&nbsp; If I&rsquo;d known, I would have written more about the experience and done a spell check!&nbsp; I thought I'd be contacted and asked questions but&nbsp;I wasn't until a few years later&nbsp;when a Dr. was writing a book and my in depth answers are in that too. &nbsp;&nbsp; If you are interested. and can excuse my spelling, the essence of my experience can be found at: <a href="'s_nde.htm">'s_nde.htm</a></p>
<p>On the evening of October 13, 1991, my children and I were in a horrible car accident. The last thing I remember was seeing the car approach, holding my hand up as if&nbsp;I could stop the car, and screaming&hellip;. &lsquo;NO&rsquo;.&nbsp; Then everything went black.&nbsp;&nbsp;It was a void of nothingness.&nbsp; Between that point in time to the point in time when I &lsquo;awakened&rsquo; in the emergency room, I had an experience that is commonly called a near death experience. NDE.</p>
<p>At first, I tried to tell my family and friends about my experience, but I soon found that&nbsp;when I talked about it, it&nbsp;made them uncomfortable, it frightened them.&nbsp; And so, I soon stopped talking about it. The last thing I ever want to do is to make anyone uncomfortable or to harm them in any way.</p>
<p>However,&nbsp;the NDE&nbsp;has changed my life and has positively effected my life, because&nbsp;of this.. it effected&nbsp;my friends and family, my music and my art.&nbsp; My NDE was so wonderful, life changing, so filled with information about what life is about, and death, why we are here, the reasons we all do what we do and what God is..&nbsp; I wanted to talk about it.. still do!&nbsp;</p>
<p>In my life experience after my NDE, (Near Death Experience)&nbsp;my eyes&nbsp;were opened to many things. The most surprising thing&nbsp;I saw that I didn't see before were&nbsp;the drama's that drive so many people's lives most of the time.&nbsp; I'm sure, before 1991, I was also driven by the same kinds of drama. On occasion, I get lost in drama's around me,&nbsp;even now, the drama's I make and the drama's others make.&nbsp; But when I take a moment of quiet, I remember... I remember what is most important in life.&nbsp;&nbsp; When you remember what is most important in life all the answers to all of the most important questions... come so easily.&nbsp; &nbsp; With&nbsp; much&nbsp; Love, Michelle</p>