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Michelle Mays: Links

Oklahoma Wild Crafting
A site filled with wonderful information on wild foods/herbs and so much more! Jackie Dill is a Cherokee National Treasure, for she is helping to mend the broken chain of tradition. Thank you Jackie!
Sunfood Nutrition
This is THE site to go to for unique and delicious Earth friendly raw and natural super foods. I Love the Cocoa nibs.. (from natural Cocoa beans), the Goji berries. And the certified organic Hemp protein powder is 1000 better than any other protein powder I've found! What a Joy! Every food from this site is a treat.. yummy and so good for you!! It really is SUPER FOOD!! I've been a vegetarian for many years and when I found this site it opened a whole new world of raw super foods.. delicious and it helps keep me alive and healthy! Check out Super foods Nutrition! Yummy!
Tap of the morning on You tube, with Brad Yates
Brad Yates shows us a life changing technique with Tap of the morning on You Tube. EXCELLENT!!

Some of the best magical, Goddess, and inspirational music today!!

Tommy Wildcat
Traditional Cherokee Music by Tommy Wildcat. A full-blood who has through great talent and efforts gained international fame for his traditional flute music. Native American Music Award, flutist of the year, 2002. The flute you hear on the song Selu, is Tommy!
The best music you'll ever hear, created by the most awesome and wonderful individuals you'll ever meet! from their website: "...Enthusiastic fusion of traditional Celtic and original music...the results are exhuberant, exciting and fun. These guys rock Celtic!"
The music of Lisa Theil
A path breaker in sacred Goddess music and one of the few musical National treasures of the Neo-Pagan Culture. Thank you, and Goddess bless you Lisa!!!
Laura Powers website
Simply beautiful and sacred Goddess music. Laura and her music, is a true gift to us all.
Shekhinah's website
Shekhinah is a profound High Priestess and woman. With her wise words and creative talent, she has helped shape a whole Culture! A quote from her site: I am a priestess of change. I seek to rebuild the ancient Rim,* the magic circle that we have lost... our faery ring. I envision a world where every Being on the Rim is Special, Important, and necessary to the Whole...
Pagan Chants
A great source for Pagan Chants! Ivo has done awesome work in collecting these chants. This site is an excellent resource! Most of the chants come with a sound clip!
Gina's website
Gina is a beloved friend and sister to me. You'll love her music! A quote from her webpage: Music, Downloads, Theater, Imaginative Presentations that will inspire your imagination and creativity so you may see the possibilities that exist to expand ...
Kari Tauring
Kari C. Tauring, M.A.T. Nordic Roots Author, Educator, and Performance Artist
Lady Isadora
She's a National Treasure!
Darragh Nagle
Darragh is a wonderful performer and the first artist I ever heard sing "Gently Johnny".
Alchemy VII Gina's band

The best commentary and music on the air and on the internet!

Goddess Radio podcast
Murphy's magical mess, Internet and on the air Radio
Wiccan Web Site is enormous site with internet radio and so much more!!
Heart of the Earth website and amazing radio station!
You can listen on the web too! Please support these wonderful people, and please support the Earth!

Phenomenal authors, speakers, friends

Macha Nightmare website
Author of The Pagan Book of Living and Dying and other books and publications. Macha is a rare jewel in the Neo-Pagan Culture.
Incense instruction and Information by Carl Neal
Carl gives wonderful information with pictures and clear directions, to walk you through techniques for making incense. If you ever have the opportunity, attending one of his workshops will be a delightful and informative experience you won't forget!
The Biography of the Incense Dragon, Carl Neal
Although its not in his bio, he was also a member of the original Greenman group with Tim Tatman. I was so impressed with the good work Tim and the rest of the Greenmen/women did for the community that I wrote a song about, The Greenman.
Willow's website
Willow Polson, author of the popular Pagan books Witch Crafts, Sabbat Entertaining, The Veil's Edge, and Pagan Rituals. Willow has promoted and blessed our Culture in many ways!

It is my joy and honor to promote these organizations and groups that do phenomenal work promoting Sacred Paths for the higher good of all.

Pagan Bullies
This is a wonderful site with great information about Pagan Bullies. Yep.. we've got them in our communities. Ohh... the foolish people think that power lies in controlling others. True power is within, not without. So.. if you've encountered one of these decietful and awful folks.. check out this wonderful site!!!
Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network
Supporting the religious freedom of Earth Religionists in legal situations around North America.
Circle Sanctuary
Founded in 1974 by Selena Fox, Circle Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to networking, research, spiritual healing, community celebrations, and education.
The Wiccan Pagan Times
A comprehensive website for the educated and modern Pagan!
Zodiac Bistro
From the website: You have found a doorway into a wondrous place that exists between the worlds. Many have come here and found a place that they like to think of as home. May your stay be whatever you wish it to be! Imajicka and Boudica" Boudica is a magical, powerful and creative woman, I feel blessed to call her friend. She is another Jewel in the Pagan/Goddess/Witch Culture!
Oklahoma Pagan Portal
A wonderful and positive new site for Oklahoma Pagans to network, communicate and share all the wonderful, interesting and good things about the Goddess Path. If you're an Oklahoma Pagan or Goddess follower, this is the place to be!
Silver Serpent Tradition
A shining example and role model for our Culture. It is with great pride that I include the Silver Serpent website in the links section on my website.
The Witches Voice
The leader in promoting our Culture, with news, essays, music, and so much more!! Including lists and links to individuals, groups, organizations and events that promote and serve our Neo-pagan, Wiccan, Witch, Goddess, culture and path. Wren and Fritz, unique and wonderful people have provided a great service to us all!
The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
A wonderful forum, with information on all kinds of things!
Circle of Light
Please visit my Beloved sister Yael's site. Yael and Doug are the authors of several books on finding your soul mate and about the Love of the Universe. I feel honored to have been acknowledged in her books. Please visit Yael and Doug

Just for Fun!!

Anagram !!
Just a fun site to play with words!
A free Ogham reading!
Voice of the Woods Ogham divination
Free Tarot lessons!
Realm of the Fae
A delightful site about Fae!!
Fairy Pages