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Michelle Mays: Music

One Power-Opening

(Michelle Mays)
There is but one Power
It's the perfect order in all that exists
Its law is polarity
Dynamic balance of energy
Manifesting infinite creativity,
There is but one power,
Called by many names
Honored in many ways,
Each an aspect of the one.
There is but one power.

Since the beginning of time you've been with us.
We first called you in our memories
Later in need and honor we named you,
Myriad deities all true.

Found in the ages all through
All goddesses are one goddess true
All the gods are one god too
Creator, Creatress
The one power is within you.

Order and Chaos
Primal Forces of Creation
Immortals of the Cosmos
Muses of our Mythos
Let us know you in ways mortal
We invite you through this portal,

Goddess of the Earth,
God of Rebirth
Imbue us with your essence,
Bless us by your presence
We call thee from the Universe
In all ways amplectant, In all ways diverse
We call thee from the Universe.

Story Behind the Song
The One Power song and chant comes from a much longer invocation that was handed down from generation to generation, as the story is told. I made it into the form that is chantable.. singable. And has been sung by hundreds of people, at countless rituals through the years it has taken this form.

The second part of this song was written as Donna and I sat on my living room floor.. it was quite magical and exciting.. the lyrics, and music sprang forth from my mouth and guitar.. into the song that is today, Donna and I both were calling out the lyrics as we tried to keep up with writing them down. This second part is also inspired from an invocation that was handed down from generation to generation (as the story is told).