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Michelle Mays: Music

Where Love is

(Vocals - Michelle Mays, Amanda Martin, Keys, Ernie Tullis, Guitar-Michelle Mays)
Michelle Mays
Still the Mind, And you will see... Where Love is.

Where love is, Compassion is the key
Where Love is, The door opens for opportunity.

Where Love is,
*Misunderstanding evolves into Understanding
Where Love is.

Open your eyes, It's all around you.
Open your heart, it will astound you!

Yes, Where Love is, Problems find solutions
Where Love Is, Fear transforms into Joy. (Joy, Joy)

Where Love Is,
*Resentment manifests into Enlightenment
Where Love Is.

Open your eyes, It's all around you.
Open your heart, it will astound you!

Still the Mind.
Each day is a new day, To Create, (To Create), As we will.

*Each day presents opportunity to see...
Where Love Is.

Where Love is, Problems find solutions.
Where Love is, Fear transforms into Joy. (Joy, Joy)

Still the mind, and you will see
*Love is here between us,
Connecting us, Transforming us,
Flowing through us,
This is where Love is.

Credits: Written by Michelle Mays, 1998. Vocals - Michelle Mays, Amanda Martin, Keys, Ernie Tullis, Guitar-Michelle Mays

It is so easy to forget that all of our desires, all of our goals, all of our care for each other and for life is built upon a foundation of Love. Sometimes, we get so busy, so distracted, so filled with stress, we forget what the foundation is! When we forget, it feels like the foundation is fear, or lack..and sometimes, we react in kind. But if we still our minds, still our self talk, still our action, we remember. Everything becomes clear when we remember the foundation of love.

This song didn’t want to be anything other than a meditation of love. May it inspire us all to cherish all life. One last thing I'd like to add - Of all my songs, this is my favorite.

If I could give a message to the world, it would be this:

Sutta Nipata
Buddha’s discourse on Good Will

May all beings be filled with Joy and Peace.
May all beings everywhere… the Strong.. and the weak, The Great and the Small,
The Mean and the Powerful, The short and the long, The subtle and the gross:

May all beings everywhere…
Seen and Unseen, Dwelling far off or nearby, Being or waiting to become:
May All be filled with lasting Joy.

Let no one deceive another, Let no one anywhere despise another,
Let no one out of anger or resentment… wish suffering on anyone at all.

Just as a mother with her own life… protects her child,… her only child from harm…
So.. Within your self let grow..A boundless… love… for all Creatures.

Let your love flow outward through the Universe….
To hit’s height,.. It’s depth.. It’s broad extent…
A Limitless love .. Without hatred or enmity.

Then as you stand or walk, Sit or lie down…. As long as you are awake… Strive for this with a one pointed mind:

Your life will bring heaven to Earth.