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Michelle Mays: Music

Making A Connection

(Michelle Mays, Tannis, Julie Thomson)
Traditional words, Music by Michelle Mays
Making love is a feeling, an emotion, and an act of loving care that can be applied to all aspects of life, of course, It's also particularly nice manifested as a physical act with one you love. ;-)
For years, this traditional chant was used at handfastings/weddings. I'd only heard it spoken as we clapped our hands, but I always heard in the back of my mind, this melody and music. When the songs for Fireleap were being considered, I decided to manifest what I'd been hearing in my mind all those years. I hope you enjoy the magic of Making a Connection!
The Magical and beautiful voices of Tanis and Julie Thomson joined Michelle on this song to give it that extra bit of enchantment! Thank you Julie and Tanis! Update: Julie is singing and playing her guitar in a band in Scotland now. Keep your eyes on this young lady, she's a rising star!
Making a Connection

Background: Making magic, Making love

Making love is making a connection
Making a connection is making energy
Making energy is making magic
Making magic is making love

Traditional words, music by Michelle Mays