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Michelle Mays: Journal

8 laws for social change - December 4, 2007

8 laws for social change, what do you think?

Found this on the web while researching Social Change and what it takes to make it happen. I found this to be insightful and very interesting. I thought I'd share this with you all. I thought you might like it too.

In his newest work searcher and futurist Stephan Schwartz talks about the findings of his
research in how individuals and small groups can change history by
practicing eight laws of social change. These laws tap into non-local
consciousness (the part of us that exists outside of time & space) and
highlight the interconnectedness & interdependence of humanity.

Here are the laws that Schwartz has put together:

1) Individuals and groups must share a common purpose or intent.

2) Individuals and groups may have goals, but must not be attached to
"cherished" outcomes.

3) The goal may not be reached in the lifetime of the participants.

4) Accept and be OK with the idea that you might not get credit for the
success of a goal.

5) Each person in the group must have equal status in spite of any

6) Members must forswear violence by word, thought and act.

7) People must make their private selves consistent with their public

8) Members must always act from the "beingness" of life integrity-- knowing
that other persons are not exploitable resources.

Donations and addresses still needed for Operation Circle Care - December 1, 2007

<p>In cooperation with Paula Johnson and Circle Sanctuary, in September and October through November, Carl Neal organized Pagan incense making workshops around Oklahoma where the incense was made for Operation Circle Care, Becca and the Silver Serpent Tradition led a drive for donations to raise money for Postage for the Operation Circle Care boxes.</p>
<p>I organized donations of music from Pagan Musicians and created the Cd's. The Pagan musicians who contributed their music for the CD are: Alexian, Me, Music of the Goddess, Dana Davis, SJ Tucker, Lady Isadora, and SONA.</p>
<p>&nbsp;The people of Oklahoma, the Musicians, Paula Johnson and Circle Sanctuary have done something wonderful with their donations of time, work and money. They've given our Pagan solders in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan a strong message of love and care with these gift boxes. We ALL wish our young men and women a Merry Yule and safe return back home to their Pagan Communities!</p>
<p>The following is from The Order of the Pentacle News and I thought I'd share it with everyone here, donations are still needed as quickly as possible and if you know of any Pagan Military men and women in the war zones, please forward their addresses to Circle Sanctuary! Order of the Pentacle News Sunday, November 25, 2007 We have launched Operation Circle Care for Wiccans and other Pagans serving in the US Military in combat areas. We will be sending Yuletide care packages to them soon. Each will include a pentacle, some hand-made incense, a CD of Pagan music put together for the troops by Pagan artists, and a copy of CIRCLE Magazine. If you are on active duty in a combat zone, would you like to receive one of our Yuletide care packages? If so, please email us your current postal address and let us know which war you are serving in. Know of other Pagan soldiers in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom who might want to receive one? Please let send us their email addresses this week, if possible, so that we can be in touch -- and/or pass on this email to them. Email us: with a cc to: Selena Fox &amp; Paula Johnson Operation Circle Care Circle Sanctuary PO Box 9, Barneveld, WI 53507 USA</p>

November 27, 2007

<marquee> ... Life is a circle, spiraling in on itself ........... Life is a circle spiraling in on itself, .......... </marquee>

What is a Pagan Bully - November 11, 2007

It is true, anyone can make things up about me, or even you. Just because somebody says or writes something .. it doesn't make these made up things true.. it just makes them --- made up. ;-)

A wonderful site that's very enlightening.... about people who try to hurt other people using rumor, outright lies and other harmful things... is the Pagan Bully site
Sometimes a Pagan Bully or even a sociopath will try to sink their little fingers into a Community. They can do a lot of damage to individuals, Communities and to our Pagan Culture. Pagan Bullies thrive on discord. That's why they create so much of it. Most folks don't want to get involved with the discord within their Communities.. so they just back off and hope the discord will end soon. Unfortunately, what this does is usually gives the Pagan bully free reign to drive out the innocent targets of Pagan Bullies. One by one, person by person.. this is how Pagan Bullies eventually 'control' a Community.

On the surface, Pagan Bullies are scary. the heart of it, Pagan Bullies are intimidated and afraid of a lot of people.. that's one of the big reasons they go on the rumor or verbal attack of anyone who does not say.. 'yes sir'. And rumor about any one who they think is getting more attention than them. Pagan bullies are famous for blaming someone else for their own actions. So when you read or hear the stuff from one who is known to be a Pagan Bully.. read it like it's an exposé of the Pagan Bully instead of the "bad things someone else did " that they're trying to make you believe. It is quite revealing.

Another reason Pagan Bullies go on the attack is to try to 'hide' their secrets by trying to drive the people out of the Community that 'Know' their secrets. Pagan Bullies have a lot of secrets.. and any whom they fear will reveal their secrets are special targets for them.

As we begin our new year and as the rumors get thicker.. haha... I hope education rules the day, instead of the Pagan Bully.

It is a large site.. so here is a link within the site that I feel is especially important for folks to read: Don't forget to scroll down to "The Price of not taking a Stand as a Community"

So.. don't let this happen to our Oklahoma Community, so many wonderful new events are happening around the state and we all want to see this continue!!! Be aware of how a Pagan Bully operates and protect the Community by protecting each other!

Please feel free to copy and send the links to friends. Knowledge is power!

New Web site and other news!! - July 20, 2007

At last, the website is updated!! For the past three years, updating the old website and design was nearly impossible. This created some major problems! Now, we've moved the website and have a new design which can be updated easily!


Selu, the single with story and commentary is temporarily out of stock. Thank you, Everyone for ordering so many! The news on Selu the Single is that when it is back in stock, (later this year) it will be a fuller CD and no longer a single! There will be more songs on the CD than just Selu! The story and commentary will still be a part of the CD.


The old website had major problems with adding postage. So many folks ordered all my CD's in the same order that the postage was doubled. This will no longer be a problem! Also, since I'm away frequently, people won't have to wait for my return to have their CD's sent to them. I've moved ordering and shipping to . You'll get your CD's quicker than I could ever send them to you! You can leave comments at ordering page and you are always welcome to drop me a line here on my guest book or via email.

Speaking of... I've spelled out my email address in an attempt to cut down spam. When you send me an email, (and I hope you do), you'll have to type the @ (at) and the . (dot). Hopefully this will keep those pesky and relentless spammers at bay, but won't deter you.

And lastly:

I have a journal on this website! So please come back frequently to read what is happening and don't hesitate to respond with your comments in the guest book.

Thank you with all my heart for liking my music and for your wonderful emails and comments. It brings a smile to my heart to hear from you!

So, I hope you enjoy the problem free website!

May your summer be joyful!


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